The SDR Project creates a multi-country multi-year database 2.0 by reprocessing extant survey and non-survey data. The core of the SDR database is information pooled from 23 international survey projects: we select 3485 national samples of 147 project-waves (see here for details on survey data). Next to substantive target variables, we construct two types of methodological control variables dealing with different aspects of the quality of the source surveys, and the process of ex-post harmonization, respectively.

Substantive target variables in the SDR database cover respondents’:

(1) socio-demographics;

(2) political engagement, including interest in politics, voting, and protest behavior;

(3) trust in political institutions;

(4) social capital (generalized social trust and membership in organizations);

(5) self-reported health, life satisfaction and happiness.

The SDR database spans the period 1966-2017 and includes information on a total of 169 countries/territories. It extends the SDR database v 1.0-1.1. that the NCN Harmonization Project produced.

The SDR Master Box version 1.0, which comprises the database and its documentation, is available via Dataverse.

A first version of the SDR Project’s portal with online access to initial tools for subsetting the SDR database v. 1.0, is available here.