Harmonized Variables

Substantive target variables in SDR2 measure:

  • respondents’ demographics (age, gender, education (levels, years of schooling), civil status, income, household size, and place of residence), 
  • political behaviors (voting, engaging in demonstrations and boycotts, and signing petitions), political attitudes and opinions (interest in politics, trust in government, parliament, the legal system and political parties, and satisfaction with democracy), 
  • social capital (membership in political parties, in environmental and religious organizations and trade unions, interpersonal trust, and discussing politics),
  • wellbeing (happiness, life satisfaction, and health).

For more information, see Tomescu-Dubrow, Slomczynski, Wysmulek, Powałko, Li, Tu, Slarzynski, Zielinski, Lavryk (2023). “Harmonization for Cross-National Secondary Analysis: Survey Data Recycling.” https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119712206.ch9p. 147-168 in Survey Data Harmonization in the Social Sciences (eds. Tomescu-Dubrow, Wolf, Slomczynski and Jenkins). Wiley.