Harmonization Newsletter Spring/Summer 2020 Now Available

Harmonization: Newsletter on Survey Data Harmonization in the Social Sciences celebrates and promotes the community of scholars, institutions, and government agencies that produce fascinating harmonization research. The Spring/Summer 2020 issue, out now, presents:

— The landscape of administrative data sources used to understand Covid 19 cases and mortality for current and future harmonization and aggregation projects

— Ranjit Singh’s discussion of the use of harmonizing instruments with equating

— Joonghyun Kwak’s exploration of inter-survey methodological variability in the Survey Data Recycling framework

— Julie de Jong & Kristen Cibelli Hibben’s consideration of survey quality in the context of the European Quality of Life Survey 4th edition

And news about…

— The Maelstrom harmonization project to support epidemiological research by Tina W. Wey and Isabel Fortier

— What happened during the “Building Multi-Source Databases for Comparative Analyses” conference and workshop from December 2019 in Warsaw, Poland

— Some survey resources for understanding people’s attitudes and behaviors toward Covid 19

As always, you can find the newsletter here.